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Renaming Programs?

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Sam G
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Renaming Programs?

I installed a program called Money Manager EX Portable to play around with. It works with zero problems, but the only issue I have is on the menu it has the exact name of the .exe file. The menu also put a link to the uninstaller, so I ended up deleting that .exe and it's .dat file, which fixed that issue.

Screenshot: At the very top of the program list you can see "mmex"

I was just wondering if for the new version in the making, that renaming progams on the menu is possible?

-Sam G

I uninstalled U3 when I found this website, very happy so far but just a few other suggestions on possible enhancements: (Probably mentioned already)

-Manual program organization
-Eject button that actually removes the Flash Drive from Windows safely
---Currently it just exit's the menu program but keeps the drive active
-Expand the drive space numbers (EX: 1.43GB free of 2GB)
---Currently shows (EX: 1.4GB free of 2GB)
-Ability to sticky programs at the top of menu list
-Color switcher/swatch for menu theme, maroon is nice but choice is good too Biggrin
-Ability to rename program titles displayed in menu (see above issue)

Steve Lamerton
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A quick,

search, would tell you that all of this is planned for the next major version, and the switcher is already avalible by using themes in this version


Steve Lamerton

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You can change an

You can change an applications internal name using reshacker.

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ResHack sometimes

breaks an app when you change the name and save, so that it won't work anymore, so it can't fix the problem.

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