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Internal backup – instead of "max compression" use 7z?

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Internal backup – instead of "max compression" use 7z?

I just found the function "Backup", great!
It really should be promoted!

But whynot just maybe make auto 7z if max?
I mean the max in itself doesn't do anything really for size.
Or recommend 7z instead, as it's actually less slow than max while much better compression!

I tried it with "App Data" (as the exe:s I can get anytime).
My data is 99.9% ThunderBird mails, so YMMV.
System: i7-2600-3.40GHz, 8G RAM, 64b W7.

MaxCompressionNo 7zNo = 3min48s = 2.22GB
MaxCompressionYe 7zNo = 6min19s = 2.20GB
MaxCompressionNo 7zYe = 5min08s = 1.64GB
MaxCompressionYe 7zYe = 8min08s = 1.58GB

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It will vary quite a bit depending on the files you're backing up, so we leave it up to the user. I recommend just using 7z without Max personally. We default to plain zip since it's accessible via all modern Windows without an app.

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