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OpenSUSE Linux or Ubuntu or Fedora Core?

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OpenSUSE Linux or Ubuntu or Fedora Core?

I need your opinions, I can;t decide between the 3, I want OpenSUSE's improved GNOME menu ( but I am using Ubuntu currently and I love it and Fedora Core I am not sure, but I heard it was good.

Patrick Patience
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Haha, that's funny...

I was wondering the same thing today, since XLG seems to work so good on Open Suse (though I know you can install it on Ubuntu)

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I like fedora, and

I like fedora, and suse...

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Zach Thibeau
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You could

You could always go with my distro called Ubuntu Multimedia Center. my next release will include a MediaPortal like graphic menu for multimedia use, and not to forget to mention I am trying to bring down the size for making the Portable Edition. A portable edition that you can use on your portable harddrive or flash drive you can download at (Just avoid the popups, They are forced on my site by my host. Eventually I am moving to a different server

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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new gnome menu works in ubuntu

you can get the new gnome menu in ubuntu if you would like. just search the repositories for gnome-main-menu. I just installed it on ubuntu 3 days ago. honestly though, after a few days of use, I'm not as impressed with it as I thought I would be. I think I'll be going back to the "classic" gnome menus.

Also, having tried all 3 of those distro's, I can say that ubuntu is far superrior in my opinion. It's been the only linux distro I've ever used that's "just worked" out of the box, but still allows for full customization as I want.

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Ubuntu just works

I've tried many distros in the last years and I can tell you this: I gave to my son (not too savvy in computers -my fault) a CD with Kubuntu 6.06; 1 hour later went to his bedroom to install it and for my astonished surprise he'd not only had installed the OS but logged in our wireless net and was chatting with his friends.

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