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IPOD Suite/Hacks

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IPOD Suite/Hacks


I've been playing with Portable Apps now for about a week and I have to say it rocks.

I'm using it on my Ipod Video. What I want to do is make my Ipod self-sufficient, as opposed to having to rely on Itunes on my home computer.

I'd like to see an Ipod-Suite with the following elements:

Music Manger:
I found Floola (, which is a cross-platform Ipod manager. The cool thing is that the program runs on it own without any install. (I didn't have a chance to test the ephod install on other machines, but when I found Floola, it was so much better that I dropped ephod)

Using a Thunderbird extension, mozpod ( I was able to install this into my portableapps version on Thunderbird no problems.
-Question 1: Any to get Mozpod to automatically sync on exit of Thunderbird or put button on toolbar?
-Question 2: by using commandline on Thunderbird thunderbird.exe -addressbook You can launch the address book on its own, How can I create a separate Icon on PortableApps for this?

It is very easy to get Sunbird to export events into the ipod just by doing export to the calendar direction.
-Question anyway to make an extension/modification of Sunbid to automatically save this file to Ipod or button to manually do this?

Can the Pictures directory for PortableApps set to be the same as the Picture directory for Ipod?

Looking for utility to convert text to the Ipod NoteReader Format. that would run on portable drive...

Portable Apps Menu:
Anyway to change background or skin to look like itunes?

Appreciate the feedback, hope I'm not rambling on to much.

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Do you now need iTunes to turn of disc mode and use your iPod as a music player, or can that be done from the iPod?

[Because I agree iTunes is no good, probally just because it's on Windows.]

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You just eject it like a normal drive.
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Here you go...

Here you are Smile I made you an iTunes theme, I think you'll like it, if they're anything you'd like me to add, just let me know. P.S. I CAN'T make the buttons work, lol, I know, you'll click and click and they just won't work. Blum The link is:

------Aha, my bad, I forgot the button on the new one, I'll fix it later.

I've updated it, here's the new link

As well, let me know if you have any trouble applying the theme or icons.

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Self-contained iPod

This won't address all your concerns, but it should get you started on the right path. This was an article from on putting together a self-contained iPod. The only thing you have to use iTunes for is to allow the iPod to be used as an external harddrive. After that, you never have to use iTunes again (and I haven't). This will take care of getting all the media aspects of the iPod working in a similar fashion to portable apps.

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Here is a program called

Here is a program called Yamipod. It is basically Itunes. Just portable Smile
Here is the link


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Sorry, you can have your topic back now. Smile

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Floola works fine on multiple computers, I tried it out on multiple computers

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