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ConvertAll 0.7.2 Doesn't Come Up

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ConvertAll 0.7.2 Doesn't Come Up

Just installed ConvertAll 0.7.2 and all that happens is that the Splash Screen displays normally. After that ... NOTHING. The actual app just never comes up.

BTW ... how does one attach a screen cap? Cuz I have another complaint regarding another app and I need to attach a screen cap.

Gord Caswell
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Please provide more details so we can assist:

include system details (OS version, 32 vs 64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, etc).

As a note, Convertall Portable 0.7.2 launches without issue on my system - Win 10 x64, standard install.

As for your second question - upload to a site such as imgur, and provide a link.

Last seen: 2 months 1 day ago
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System Details

Windows XP Pro SP3 32-Bit
Dell OptiPlex 780 Computer Core 2 Duo Processor 3.00 GHz
4 Gig RAM
avast 12.3.2280

Install Path: J:\PortableApps\ Platform 14.4

The install was a clean install, not an upgrade. I always first delete an app that I'm going to replace with a newer version. Then I install the newer version.

John T. Haller
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Dropped Windows XP

ConvertAll no longer supports Windows XP. I've adjusted the app page to reflect this. You can get the older version here:

Note that apps will regularly be dropping Windows XP support with no announcement due to Microsoft no longer supporting the operating system and declining user numbers coupled with the fact that the most popular modern compilers create EXEs that are incompatible. We don't test each release for Windows XP compatibility but will update the app pages as we're made aware of dropping support.

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I was kinda sensing that's what was going to be the case. So no shock. Sensing that, since the other day, I had already decided to drop ConvertAll from my platform. That given that I still have Converber in there. So I'll use that.

Thanks for the heads up, John.

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