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Ubuntu/Linux/Firefox/Netflix/Amazon Video viewing

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Ubuntu/Linux/Firefox/Netflix/Amazon Video viewing

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Any room under that rock? I was excited when saw the start of that thread, albeit four years old. Sad to see it fall into disarray with the weenie-goober-ramblings.

I am in need of a portable version of firefox that will run netflix on our home theatre laptop. It is an old Lenovo Thinkpad now running FireFox 53 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS-x64, but for the life of me I cannot get Netflix to run.

My desktop (also same Ubuntu etc) runs FFx53 fine but it shows the "Widevine" plug in installed. I cannot find a way to install widevine on the thinkpad and it does **not** install on demand as the FFx website wiki suggests. A portable version would solve this dilemma immediately? No?

Sooooooo, John T. Haller, (the apparent prime mover) is our movie watching, cord cutting family in for some happy enlightenment?


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Don't Have Time

I don't personally have time to work on this. I mostly use Linux via SSH when working on server stuff. I don't run it on the desktop.

You can make Firefox semi-portable on Linux with the -profile command switch. A .sh containing:

./pathto/firefox/ ./pathto/firefox/firefox-bin -profile ./Data/profile

or similar would do the trick.

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