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Sorting problem

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Sorting problem


When plugging my portableapps key this morning, I run into a little bug.

When trying to look at smallest update, I saw that it's sorted in a strange way. Instead of sorting from smallest to highest, it's sorted from smallest to highest in each number sized. 1Mo to 1Go for example and then 2Mo to 2Go.... See the screenshot linked in this message.


John T. Haller
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Not Supposed To Sort

It's not supposed to be able to sort. The component used to handle showing that table doesn't support sorting by number, so it's supposed to be disabled. Unfortunately, the last two updates of NSIS have an extra copy of the EmbeddedLists component in an additional location to work around a bug in NSIS (the language used for the updater/app store). This extra copy is one with sorting enabled. It will be fixed in an upcoming update.

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