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custom.nsh Template & the Unofficial Guide to PAFing

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custom.nsh Template & the Unofficial Guide to PAFing

I've created a template custom.nsh for use with PA.c Launcher which has support for quick dotNET checking, Registering DLLs, Services, & Scheduled Tasks. It's somewhat commented as well.

This is for those more hardcore portable junkies who have some NSIS knowledge base in their code bank répertorier. Lol. I figured this could be useful so here it is: Gist

If you need help with something in that code, ask. Can you improve on this? Go ahead ..I'm open source too. Hope this was helpful. Smile

EDIT: Okay, so I realize that this template looks rather overwhelming to a novice programmer so I've started my official Unofficial Guide to PAF Development. This isn't complete by far but if you're looking for help, not just with this template, but using the PA.c Launcher you may find what you need help with there.

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