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Allow Menu to Explore Elsewhere

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Allow Menu to Explore Elsewhere

"Customization of the folders' (Documents, etc) name, icon and location to open..." is "Confirmed Coming In An Upcoming Release"
However I need it now as I am transitioning friends and family from ASuite which has this facility.
So I have knocked up a little app in a compiled NSIS Script which takes the required folder from an INI file and calls Explorer.
Download it from here to give it a try:
25 KB download / 41 KB installed
Source File included
MD5 Hash 79CC087D32BD306C15C001DF615B29D2
Unzip it to your PortableApps folder and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt
Caveat: It acts as though Explorer was called with the /n option, i.e. a new window is opened each time. Anyone know why?

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ExploreWhere Cannot Change Icon

ExploreWhere works Like a Charm but I Cannot Change the Folder Icon

Jim Moon

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Any Help??

Any at at All?


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Not sure; Folder Shortcuts

Sorry, I'm not sure about your NSIS issue, though at a quick glance I see a few other issues with your .nsi.

However, I do know of a way to switch where the "Documents", "Music", etc. buttons in the Platform open... though it will make the existing Documents, Music, etc. folders useless, and may or may not survive Platform updates (I don't actively use this technique myself).
Turn them into "Folder Shortcuts"

Before you read how..., you need to make sure you don't have anything you want inside these folders, or their subfolders, as you'll lose access to them, and if you change the Documents folder, you'll need to move the "Music", "Pictures" & "Videos" to the new Documents folder, or they'll stop functioning. If you're changing the Documents folder and the subfolders, you'll want to move the original subfolders to the new Documents folder, and then follow these instructions with them.

First, you want to make a shortcut in the folder the Platform opens named "target.lnk", which points to the folder you want to use instead. This should can be done by right-clicking on an empty space in the folder, choosing "New" > "Shortcut", browsing for the new folder, and telling Windows to name it "target", or right-dragging the new folder into the old folder, choosing "create shortcut" (on XP or older) or "create link" (on Vista or newer), and renaming it to "target". The "target" vs "target.lnk" is because Windows hides the ".lnk" extension.

Second, you want to open the file in the current folder called "Desktop.ini" in a text editor. It's probably hidden, so you'll either have to make Windows "show hidden files", or you can use the Windows Command Prompt to open it.
Once you have "Desktop.ini" opened, you'll want to add the following 2 lines somewhere in the "[.ShellClassInfo]" section (which will probably be the only section there, so just add these to the end of the file)


Save it, and from now on, Windows will now pretend that "X:\Documents\Music" and "X:\Wherever\You\Put\Your\Music" are the same.

Note: There are probably some issues that can come from doing this, so it's not exactly recommended.
If you do use it, please report back with whatever your findings are.


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