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Switching languages FF53port and upwards not working

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Switching languages FF53port and upwards not working

there is a nice explanation here of how to switch languages of FIREFOX PORTABLE on the board here (Method 2: Language Packs and Locale Switcher - Download the Locale-Switcher extension ... install it - Download the language pack - install it - restart - TOOLS / LANGUAGES and select the language - Restart).

tried this with greek and serbian, switches nicely. but with FF53 upwards it does not fully switch back to the original (USengl) language, for example many of the drop-down menus remain in cyrillic serbian, arbitrarily, some words are back in english, some remain in the foreign language - unusable.

anybody here experienced similar? or does so after you try it out? any workaround yet known? maybe another of the (many) other locale switchers?

greetings - heinz -

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May No Longer Work, Possible Extension

The multiple languages thing has always been a bit of a kludge as Firefox is designed to be single language. I'd suggest trying Simple Locale Switcher as it appears to be working with recent releases. If it's working for you, please let us know. I'd like to update the support pages for other users.

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