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Google Chrome display errors

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Google Chrome display errors

Hey guys,

I have a problem with Chrome portable. On some sites (Google Drive unfortunatly, too) it has massive display errors like black areas or insivible content. The installed version worked fine. Does someone know what the problem might be?

Here are some details:
- Chrome is running from a SD card and integrated in the PortableApps Suite
- This computer has an Atom graphics card (had some problems with it before trying to install Linux)

If you need more information please ask!

Thanks for your help!

John T. Haller
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Latest Release, Hardware Acceleration

First, ensure you're on the latest release of each. In local Chrome, hit the menu button, Help, About Chrome. In portable, click Help - Check for Updates in the PA.c Platform.

Second, see if hardware acceleration is enabled or disable on each. You can check within Help - Settings, scroll down and click Advanced, scroll down to the System section and it's an On/Off switch. Likely, hardware acceleration is enabled in the portable one and that is causing the issue. Hardware acceleration can be buggy with many embedded graphics chipsets. Firefox and Chrome should automatically disable it when it detects a chipset in its blacklist, but may not always.

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Last seen: 5 years 1 month ago
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I'm now on the installed version of Chrome again, but the problem existed here, too. I have to correct me.... So it's a general Chrome problem.

BUT: Your solution worked fine here, thanks a lot.

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