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which firefox portable version to run with win xp

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which firefox portable version to run with win xp

hello. I would like to know which version to dl to use with win xp. The most recent Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 54 does not load, although I see the splash screen. I read somewhere about possibly using an ESR version? Also any thoughts on java for an xp system. thank you.

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Use ESR 52 For Now

You can use Firefox Portable ESR for now. It's available here:

Rename your FirefoxPortable directory to FirefoxPortableESR first for easier installs. The platform will also keep it up to date automatically for you if you'd like.

Firefox Portable ESR 52 will continue getting updates until June 26, 2018. After that, no major browsers will support Windows XP any longer. Firefox is currently the last as Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer all dropped support for Windows XP and the versions that still run on XP are outdated and insecure.

Side Note: Be sure you have automatic updates enabled on Windows XP as manually installing via the Windows Update website will no longer work. Ensure you've upgraded to IE8 with all patches so that apps that use Windows' networking components ( Platform, for instance) still work. I also recommend installing the last Windows Media Player released for Windows XP (I think it's version 11) as that will upgrade some Windows components as well.

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a bit of trivia....

I still use XP when I build a PVR for myself or someone else. With my nLite copy, it is easier than searching for XP mode in later M$ OSs, so the ESR versions is what I include for look-up of various on-line TV guides, though the zap-it is still the best. The game is going to change in a few short years any how when ATSC 3.0 comes out in North America because after the transition period, we're all going to have to buy new tuners or set-top boxes, just like 2003-2006 when digital signals took over from analogue.

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