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Firefox Portable doesn't run in TrueCrypt Partition

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Firefox Portable doesn't run in TrueCrypt Partition

Every time I try to Install Firefox Portable in a thumbdrive TrueCrypt partition it installs, but won't run, in fact completely hangs Windows XP (SP2). Never saw such a thing. All the other Portable Apps I've tried work fine this way.

Furthermore, when I try to delete the Firefox directory on the thumb drive the same thing happens. This the strangest: When I backup my Portable Apps and try to delete the backup Firefox directory (In My Documents on my C: drive) the same thing! Windows XP hangs up, locks completely and has to be powered down before I can reboot. But the directory is gone after reboot!

Can anyone explain this?

(Everything is cool on an unencrypted directory)

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I have a TrueCrypt partiton

I have a TrueCrypt partiton on my 4GB flash drive and have no problem running my apps or Ff (all most recent updates)inside the partition.
Are u sure you made the partition large enough or have enough free space left in your partition so that u can install and run Ff?

Jeff Balliett

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