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Linux on a stick

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Linux on a stick

We have some live Linux CD's

Portable Linux would be nice so we can save things.

Portableapps for Linux be nice to.

Cheat King
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The one you seek...

I think the one you seek may be Damn Small Linux. which can be found
Only 50Mb!

Cheat King

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well theres also
Based on Mandriva Linux and has a built in function to create bootable usb drives!!!
Based on Slackware
check out also to add modules (apps) and create bootable USB's and more

and least but not last
Based on GNU/Linux?

These are some common ones which are easily used and configurable!
there are some other ones but i dont recommend those (e.x. Slak or Klax, Xfld etc.)
Live CD such as the ones mentioned above are already portable Smile everything saved in ram then deleted from ram. puppy linux and Slax give users to save data to host machine but it is optional. but yea linux always comes in handy Blum

Slackware 12 for system
MCP (For XP and Server 2003)
Network + Certified
aim is "nycjv321" (minus quotes)

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A huge list of tuts.

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