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Automatic non-interactive update from command line.

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Automatic non-interactive update from command line.

I would like to use a command line to automatically get updates.
I would trigger it by a WOL process on a Sunday night for example.
I don't mind if my script has to first start the Platform process.
I don't mind hard-coding an /ACCEPTEULA flag like SysInternals do.
I don't really mind if the GUI is visible or not.
I don not want it to wait for an 'OK' or need a 'Finish' at the end.
I don't mind if my script has to taskkill the Platform process at the end,
but I would need a reliable way of knowing when the Updater process finished.
I would prefer if the Platform process terminated when the Updater process finished.

Is this possible with the existing system, or with any work-arounds?

John T. Haller
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Scheduled Updates

It's unlikely we'll make it available from the command line directly. We may add the ability for users to schedule automatic updates via the platform itself, though. Possibly non-interactive.

We can't do an /ACCEPTEULA flag as these are EULAs for third party software which are required to be shown. SysInternals can do that because they're hiding their own EULA via command line.

Normally, this isn't an issue for apps that you already installed as it won't ask the EULA again. But if the EULA changes, it requires being shown and agreed to. In a possible non-interactive, we could simply delay that one update and do the others.

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