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Adobe illustrator portable`

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Adobe illustrator portable`

Hi I Am using Adobe illustrator cs6 portable by so by mistake i have deleted my app file in which i have lost my appinfo.ini file so i am not able to run Adobe illustrator so how can i make a file by my self or from where can i download that file or can any one help me ????

Ken Herbert
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Not from here

Adobe Illustrator is commercial software and it is illegal for anyone to repackage it, and we do not allow illegally repackaged apps here on this site.

So the package you were using might be in PortableApps format, but it definitely wasn't made or released by us.

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Adobe illustrator portable

Hey osamamasood,

I think illustrator portable is readily available in these links Link removed You will be able to download the illustrator portable from the above link Smile

[EDIT] Link removed - we do not permit links to illegally packaged software - mod GC

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Hi I Am using Adobe

Hi I Am using Adobe illustrator cs6 portable by

John T. Haller
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No Such Thing

There's no such thing. We don't package software illegally. You got it from one of the scam sites that uses our name and our software illegally.

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