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52.2.1 ESR on Vista (32-bit): profile cannot be loaded

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52.2.1 ESR on Vista (32-bit): profile cannot be loaded

- Copied FirefoxPortable.ini from Other\Source to the folder containing FirefoxPortable.exe and made sure all the entries in it were correct.
- Tried to run "FirefoxPortable.exe -p" but found out later that it was not portable.
- Made an %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\profile.ini file and a Profiles subfolder (both empty) under that folder.
- Did not tamper with the App folder, except for deleting Firefox64.

Nothing worked. This seems to be a new problem as I couldn't find any solution on the Web.

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The -p switch is for local only

The FirefoxPortable.exe launcher makes use of the -profile switch to specifically direct it to the profile that's bundled. The -p switch is only for use in local mode for locally installed profiles. If you wish to use -p, either use the installed version of Firefox or run the firefox.exe contained within Firefox Portable directly, which will run it in standard local mode, not portable mode. That that we don't support using it like this but it should work without issue.

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