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External Exception C0000006

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External Exception C0000006

I installed Platform onto a USB flash drive, and I can use the programs in the platform. But, I keep getting the External Exception C0000006. error message. How can I fix that? Thanks.

Gord Caswell
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Provide details

Please provide more details - what you're doing when this error appears, along with:

include system details (OS version, 32 vs 64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, etc)

Last seen: 1 year 8 months ago
Joined: 2017-07-24 23:19
When do they occur.

I think they occur when I am launching an app from from the platform. However, I am not entirely sure about that. That's because I might be working on an app, and then I noticed that this error message is in the Window's desktop. There are often more than one error messages. I can't close them, and they came back persistently. I can't close them from the Tasks Manager, either. The only way to close them is to close the platform.

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Have you run ChkDsk? Is your flash drive or USB port going bad?

After a quick search, it looks like this is an error caused by the OS being unable to read the file a program is running from. My guess would be that either the file or filesystem on your flash drive is corrupt, or that your USB port or flash drive are having connectivity issues (which likely means it's going bad)... unless you unplugged your flash drive or put the computer to sleep while the Platform was running, as these are both things that are known to cause issues with the platform.

For your first step, I'd recommend using ChkDsk on your flash drive to see if its filesystem is corrupted. This can be done several ways, but seeing as there's an option in the Platform's "Help" menu to "Check Drive For Errors", I'll point you there.
I'll also recommend that you might want to reinstall the platform (making sure you install to the same location it's in [usually the root of your flash drive] so you don't accidentally make a second install) and/or try using a different USB port for a while to see if either of these help.


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The same Error. Laptop was

The same Error. Laptop was hibernate with PA running and pendrive plugin.... next I wakeup Laptop without Pendrive & Plug pendrive to other usb port > when I click on systray PA icon then this error is show.
I must kill it via task mgr. Next running of PA was proper.

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