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Joined: 2006-04-26 06:35 Launcher no longer needs a variant of NSIS Portable claims that "To use the Launcher, you will need to download and install NSIS Portable (the Unicode variant)".
But NSIS Portable no longer has variants. There's only one program now.
So please remove that claim (in the offline version too).

Also see about whether it needs NSIS Portable at all.

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RE: Launcher no longer needs a variant of NSIS

A specific variant is stated because it is still possible to download and install the older ANSI variant, but because the scripts are now encoded in Unicode, it is better to make sure that users know to get the Unicode variant as the ANSI variants will no longer compile the scripts.

NSIS Portable is still required for Launcher to build the launchers.

EDIT: I wasn't aware that it was bundled, please disregard my comments on the matter.

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Not Yet Updated

The manual hasn't been updated yet. We need to determine whether to switch formats first. Discussion is here:

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