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Request for VSDC Free Video Editor

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Request for VSDC Free Video Editor


I am a French user of PortableApps. In advance I apologize for my approximate English (I still thank google trad for his help).

Of all the applications available, I must say that I miss one that I use to create videos: VSDC Free Video Editor. This application makes it relatively easy to make quality video montages.
Its description is available at the following address:

As specified in the post-it section of this section, here are the features of this software that I know.
License: So it's a freeware, but I do not know what is the reuse of their code. In the conditions of use (available at this address:, and provided that I have correctly translated, they apparently authorize the redistribution of their application
"In this case, you are granted the right to use and make an unlimited number of copies of this software."
Current release:

Thanks in advance for all you can do Smile

Edit :
A PortableApps version (paf) actually exists (I found it on sourceforge), but why is not it available in your catalog ?
Link :