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Specific Java (jportable) Update - 8u11

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Specific Java (jportable) Update - 8u11


I'n in desperate need of this specific update of Java Portable (JRE 8 Update 11 x86). Could somebody be so kind to provide it to me? I've already searched the sourceforge download page to no avail.
I'd also be interested in knowing how to make JRE portable on my own, as I'm experimenting with various updates.

Thanks in advance.

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re: Specific Java (jportable) Update - 8u11

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that old versions of Java are not recommended on being used as there are vulnerabilities that have since been fixed (unless they are yet to be discovered). If an app specifically requires an older version, and won't work without that specific version, the publisher should be notified so that this can be changed.

Now that that is out of the way, here is how to manually get the Java Update that you seek.

If it is for an app that specifically requires this version for compatibility reasons, then follow these instructions:

go here: Java 8 Archived Releases Note: Oracle may in the future remove access to these previous releases entirely.

Use the find function of your browser and search for the following: Java SE Runtime Environment 8u11

Click the radio button to the left of "Accept License Agreement" (in order for the download link to work)

The click on the link with the following text: jre-8u11-windows-i586.tar.gz

Once downloaded, extract this package (I recommend WinRAR as it becomes a 1-step extraction. 7-Zip and others require the archive to be extracted twice, once to get the .tar archive out, then a second time to get the files out of the .tar archive). Can just go with "Extract here" as this archive has a base folder in it (jre1.8.0_11)

Move the resulting jre1.8.0_11 folder (rename if required) to an easily referenced location (or wherever the Java is expected to be)

This is all that should be needed (other than having whatever needs this look at wherever the version of Java ended up) for this to be portable.

It should be no different from what was in jPortable 8u11 (except for the files added by PA.c for the Platform)

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