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CCleaner in Dropbox

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CCleaner in Dropbox

I need to manage the various apps that I have saved in the cloud. What’s the best practice?

I store the Platform in my Dropbox folder, and this folder is shared by my laptop and my desktop. Should the two computers use the same copy of apps, or am I asking for trouble? Let's say that, from my desktop, I used CCleaner to uninstall App X from my desktop. CCleaner uninstalled this desktop's App X and created recovery files for it. Then, from my laptop, I used the same copy of CCleaner to uninstall the same App X from my laptop. CCleaner uninstalled this laptop's App X and, again, it created recovery files. But, this time, the recovery files are for my laptop. Wouldn't CCleaner mix up the recovery files for these two copies of App X?

Sorry if the answer to my question seems self-evident to you. But, I just recovered from a major computer woe. It was time-consuming and frustrating, and I would hate a rerun. Thanks.