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[BUG] Platform/Launcher DisableAppLanguageSwitching Environment Variable Handling

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[BUG] Platform/Launcher DisableAppLanguageSwitching Environment Variable Handling

Platform ver. 14.4.1
I tested using a custom code in an application and found that:

The Platform alway return a false value for the environment variable %PAL:_IgnoreLanguage% regardless the option of "Use this language for all portable apps" in the platform is tick or not. Same result if the platform is restarted after changing the option.

However in "..\\Data\PortableAppsMenu.ini" "Localization" section, the key "DisableAppLanguageSwitching" does give a correct value.

I also found that some applications can not get the platform language. The platform return an empty language string. At the moment I can't remember which applications, I will report back later.

John T. Haller
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Blank Vars

If you set to disable app language switching, the platform just blanks out the standard language environment vars. There is no such environment variable for whether it is enabled or not in the platform. This could be a PAL issue but it's not a platform one.

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Gord Caswell
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Confusion relating to the variable mentioned?

I think there may be some confusion relating to the variable PAL:_IgnoreLanguage.

Previously, this variable was implemented at the platform level, to be used by PAL.
However, this variable is no longer used by PAL, so line 3805 in main.pas can be removed from the platform.

[EDIT] Considering the above, this can likely be marked as closed, as opposed to a bug, correct?

(On an unrelated note, while looking into this issue, it appears that PAL uses the platform's deprecated language variables - I need to fix that)

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