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U3 launchpad update 1.4

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U3 launchpad update 1.4

I have a Memorex U3 TravelDrive, and I am looking for the Launchpad update (1.4?) to allow it to run on Vista. On my other computer that runs XP, I choose the “Check For Updates” button on the U3 drive, and it takes me to a Memorex website where it asks me to sign up for a newsletter for updates. I have been signed up for this for more than 3 months, and I have not received one message from Memorex about anything. Can anybody post a link or tell me where I can find this Launchpad update?

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Link to Memorex Launchpad updater

The latest Memorex Launchpad update is here.

I don't know what version it updates you to.

My guess is that if it does not update you to 1.4 than they don't have it ready yet.

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Looks like Memorex might not be ready yet
From the U3 site:

Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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