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[Duplicate] Forum Guidelines

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[Duplicate] Forum Guidelines

Forum users may have noticed recently a couple instances of acrimonious interactions in topics.

The Moderators would like to take a moment to apologize to all involved for these interactions.

As this forum is used by those whom may not be native English speakers, it is important to remember to think carefully about the content of any post, and ensure that all posts follow the site-wide Forum Guidelines, particularly these points:

  • Be Polite and Patient - If you're looking for help with something, feel free to post a question about it. Keep in mind, though, that this is free, open source software. Everyone on here is developing and helping support these apps in their spare time.
  • Play Nice - This community is only as strong as its members. As such, everyone is expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Name-calling, insults, etc have no place here. This shouldn't even have to be mentioned, but there have been some bad apples in the past.
  • Thank you.