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Unused image files detector

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Unused image files detector

If this portable app already exists, please direct me to it because I did not find it in my initial search, but I am looking for a portable app that will let me look at the files we use for our website and let me know if there are any image files in that folder that are no longer being used. I'd like an easy way to find them and either remove them or place them in a separate folder.

Gord Caswell
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Not available, possibilities

There aren't available that we provide.

Here's a link with some options that might work:

If your site is a wordpress one, there also appears to be plugins that might work.

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What about using a server

What about using a server-side language like php? If your website is coded with something similar I'm almost certain you can find scripts to execute and do this recursively for you without the need for a program.


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