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We Need A Mod 2 Disable 'Scold Pop Up' Nonsense Please =)

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We Need A Mod 2 Disable 'Scold Pop Up' Nonsense Please =)

We Need A Mod 2 Disable 'Scold Pop Up' Nonsense Please Smile I notice 4 example the Portable Firefox 52 I am using doesn't launch the 'scold popup' if you "Didn't close it properly last time" krap. Please somebody write or find for us a thing we can drop into all the '' programs to disable that garbage. It's TOTALLY lame & unprofessional & probably 1 of the main reasons this 'portableapps' stuff is not as popular as it could be. It is also TOTALLY unnecessary.

If the program doesn't 'like' the way it was launched, have it AUTOMATICALLY re-launch itself, or if that is 'not possible', to detect whether it was 'closed properly', then make it always 'double-laucnch' and simply ignore the first launch. There are countless ways 2 do this, but navigating down into a start menu to find a program and then start it and then being scolded about what you did last time (that no other type of program ever does) & then 'forced' to navigate down & re-launch it again is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!

Mail me at 'balkanguy (at) live (dot) com' if you know how to disable that RETARDED feature, thanx Smile Also of course, please post it somewhere so everybody else can use this to FIX the DAMAGE the 'anal retentive obsessive compulsive' programmer has done to his products with this absurd 'scold window' junk. Just because you may want to put a 2 inch space between your shoes in the closet & no more & no less does not mean we wish to live in your 'grid world', jackazz. Just freaking WORK. Don't bich because we didn't punch the button the way U prefer, dork.

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Data loss, files left behind, cleaning up fully explained

The possible data loss, files left behind, cleaning up, and more is fully explained here:

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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can not understand

why still some people feel disturbed by this extremely important feature.
For me it is very important, as I use portable apps really *portable* and like to be informed when there might be a possibility that some portable data stored locally might not have been deleted.
Without this feature, portable use would be a no go.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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