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Mp3TagsForTracks Portable 2.0.1 Dev Test 1

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Mp3TagsForTracks Portable 2.0.1 Dev Test 1

Application: Mp3TagsForTracks
Category: Music & Video
Description: With Mp3TagsForTracks you can easily organize your Mp3 music collection with additional information (ID3 tags). For example, you can access the appropriate album cover, artist and song name. Also the volume of the Mp3 file will be normalized. In addition to individual songs, complete albums can also be provided with the corresponding ID3 tags. In our latest version (2.0.1) lyrics can now also be added to the song.

Download Mp3TagsForTracks Portable 2.0.1 Development Test 1 [55MB download / 68.3MB installed]
(MD5: 7aaee2a0b7654b8ca7123af9cf684ea5)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2017-09-30):
Version 2.0.0 - Changes

  • Major Changes
    • Express mode: You can now tag your songs with ID3 tags as fast as never before
    • Search for song lyrics: You can now add lyrics to your songs. There are already many lyrics in our database available. (Beta)
    • Refresh button has been added to insert new songs into the table during runtime.
    • A context menu (right-click) has been added to the song table to open the song folder, remove the file from the table, or delete it completely or copy ID3 tag information.
    • One-time display of the changelog after update
  • Fixes
    • The ID3 tags from the comment and copyright fields can now be deleted
    • Some songs have problems with automatic volume adjustment
    • If no album image was found, the Mp3TagsForTracks placeholder image was mistakenly saved as an album cover
    • When Mp3TagsForTracks is started, the first song will be automatically selected again
    • Some albumcover have slightly distorted the colors of the image.
    • When playing a song, the playback position can be set by clicking on the progress bar.