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Simple DNSCrypt - a tool against censorship

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Simple DNSCrypt - a tool against censorship

Simple DNSCrypt
Simple DNSCrypt is a simple management tool to configure dnscrypt-proxy on windows based systems.
You can use it against censorship on internet.
Simple DNSCrypt enables you to encrypt your DNS traffic, thus increasing both your privacy and security by preventing others from listening to it. It provides you with a 2-layered encryption.
- web site:
- project on GitHub:
- GitHub download page:
- direct download msi package:
- direct download standalone package:
- size of msi installer: kb 6,347
- latest version: 0.4.2
- license: MIT
- requires DotNet 4.6 or higher
-> for details see screenshots on site
- Softpedia

1. select Your favorite dns for primary and secondary (suggested Cisco OpenDNS) but You can look for a free and fast Dns (on Google). For enable dns encryption, press the relate button (if green, dns is active): first or second resolver or both.
2. press Ethernet if You use a cable connection (but Wi-Fi and another way are also supported)

You can use the standalone package (zip file) but it writes equally on system (Registry and other system folders), only a bit less.

after installation check if it works and go to DNS leak test and press Standard test.