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Separate files instead of container

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Separate files instead of container

Tried to find this in the forum but could not find an answer: Why do all the apps consist of separate files instead of stored in a container.
Memory sticks are much faster with a large single file than with all the seperate small files

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you can put it in

but it has to be considered, that the container needs to be operated somehow too.
Who is going to open and close the container?
You will need a driver to be installed on the host machine, thus needing admin rights.
You can try with veracrypt, but this will not really work when you use it portably, as on most systems you will have not privileges to install the needed driver.
Abd many people use the apps without any other thigs like the platform etc. Just copy paste.
And how should permanent changes to a 10Gb file take much less time?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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