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ThunderbirdPortable_52.4.0_English Crashes my Win7pro 64 system

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ThunderbirdPortable_52.4.0_English Crashes my Win7pro 64 system

I just tried to upgrade to ThunderbirdPortable_52.4.0_English and at end of upgrade got BSOD (blue screen of death). Downloaded and reinstalled same software. The install went OK but when I started TB - same result. Backed out by downloading and installing ThunderbirdPortable_52.3.0_English and all was back to normal. Anyone else seen this issue?

John T. Haller
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Not The Software

It's not due to the installer or Thunderbird. The installer itself is pretty simple and hasn't changed in months. Crashes like that you'll need to determine where it is. It's often a graphics driver, especially if Thunderbird or Firefox cause a crash.

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