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Chrome/Firefox Portable, save cookies etch on the usb.

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Chrome/Firefox Portable, save cookies etch on the usb.

Hi guys
Here is my question/problem. In my work place they have firewalled the login options for google account (gmail, youtube etc) i can use for example youtube but without the option to login.

So is there an option to run a portable app on a usb that keeps the login information on the usb. I dont know if that information is stored at cookies or cache.

John T. Haller
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Cookies and Cache

Your cookies and any cache (if enabled) are stored within your portable app's folders. I'm unsure if logging in at home will keep you logged in at work or not. It is more likely to work with Firefox than with Chrome.

Note that I do not recommend going against your company's policy's. While having access to your own email or video playlists may be convenient, it is not worth risking employment over.

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