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Specifying RELATIVE path to local directory in "Server Settings" possible?

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Specifying RELATIVE path to local directory in "Server Settings" possible?

Since I want to use Thunderbird Portable from an USB flash drive the drive letter and path could change from time to time resp. computer to computer.

When I go now to Account Settings----Account---->>Server Settings
then the local directory is specified as ABSOLUTE path:


I would like to change it to a RELATIVE path starting from Thunderbird.exe by "go up two directory levels then descend into Data\profile\Mail\".

According to common Unix/linux (and oftentimes Windows) standards this can be specified relatively by double dots like:


Unfortunately this is NOT accepted by Thunderbird.

Is there a workaround?

Ken Herbert
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Already handled for you

Our Launcher already does this for you, remembering the last path from which it was run, determining the new path from which it is being run, and updating the necessary values where needed.

Unless you have seen a specific issue or circumstance where this isn't the case, you should never have to specify relative paths for that info as long as you are using our officially released Thunderbird Portable.

the developer formerly known as winterblood

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