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ERROR The Updater or App Directory is already running

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ERROR The Updater or App Directory is already running

The Updater or App Directory is already running. This could be the Platform automatically checking for updates on startup. Please wait for other instances to finish before starting another.

What can I do to run the Updater ?

John T. Haller
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Already Running

If you see that, it means it's already running. You likely have the platform configured to start it in the background on startup. Check task manager to be sure.

This message can occasionally show if Windows somehow screws up its mutex table. A reboot can usually solve that.

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Portabeapps updater

I don´t know for sure if this is related, but I was having the same problem when trying to open new APPS. I just tried to run the portableapps plattform as Administrator, even my windows account having administrator rights, and now it runs ok and goodbye error message. BTW I´m running Windows 10 Home.

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