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Temporarily for Firefox 55, or generally; permanent download links for previous versions

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Temporarily for Firefox 55, or generally; permanent download links for previous versions

With the new Firefox 57 released yesterday (2017.11.14) very many addons/extensions will stop working. Since many of them are important personal efficiency tools, and it may take a while to either get new/updated versions (if at all), or find alternatives, I suggest that PortableApps for a while provide an extra, direct download link to version 55 (not 56, as some extensions already stopped working in that version).

I suggest making a "custom block" in the sidebar on the main Firefox page:


(As this web site is based on Drupal, it should be easy to add such a custom block temporarily)

(PS. the ESR version does not cut it either in all cases, so IMO v.55 is the desired one to provide.)

That extra download link should also provide the corresponding checksum, for verification.

Meanwhile, FYI - here is a (still) functional direct link:


UNVERIFIED checksums(!) (calculated by me right now after downloading via that "secure" SSL link to

  • MD5: "fcb7b81b10d3a7760575b3299ab23fbc"
  • SHA1: "4dd0465badb4004d6365ba9fabceaa0d090b6a2b"
  • SHA256: "6360ff2e4623f6a7226e5228810a7c5ecaf214796ff5501cf06985e270ad9090"
  • SHA512: "d054f3aa5fe67a2fdf9ca168b21ada42d281f1db4d7a0cb3497f38d0e5071563c09cde4ff1c00b34f57bec2cdbdd6d3a29704d0744617d3427ecd317a963be09"
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Only use ESR

It is highly suggested that you only use Firefox Portable ESR 52.x and do not use Firefox Portable 53-56 any longer. There are known security vulnerabilities in 53-56 that will not be patched. Firefox Portable ESR 52.x is up to date security-wise and will be supported through April 2018.

The majority of Firefox users use either no extensions or just an adblocker. Upgrading to 57 has no impact on these users.

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