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Recommendation for a media player

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Recommendation for a media player

I would like to run one of the media player apps on a USB drive, that has to be run on an older, slower computer. This computer already has MPC on it, and when it was transitioning between video clips on a playlist, it gave a one second MPC splash screen (or whatever it was called), before going on to the next video.

So I'd like a video player that runs light--all I need to do is play MP4 (and perhaps an occasional) WMV video, but I suppose they all can do that. I'd like it to require as few system resources as possible, and transition seamlessly between videos on a playlist. I suppose I can install and run them all, and see which one is best, but just to save some time, does someone already know of a video player that can do that? is the link for the video player apps.

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MPC is light

As media players go, MPC is about as lightweight as modern players get in terms of resource usage.

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