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Hi there

I'm a very happy user of the program PatchMyPC Updater for Windows. It's freeware and already portable, but I need it to be added to my PortableApps launcher, and I'm pretty new into this, so please assist me.

The URL for the program is:

Looking forward hearing from you experts Smile

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I would also like to see

I would also like to see PatchMyPC included.

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It's literally an EXE and an

It's literally an EXE and an INI (if you have the option to save the INI in the same folder. I'd also disable logging (up to you).

Then just make a folder in PortableApps on the drive called PatchMyPC and dump those two files in there. The PA Platform will read .EXEs at the top level of any subfolder. You might have to rename it.

Also, it will patch the PC you're using, and if it's not your PC, the owner may not be happy about that. Just throwing that out there. While you can use PA on your own PC, the most common use case is using on a friend's, work, or school computer, and the latter two are typically managed by a separate IT department.

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