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Supportive Miner Portable 1.0 Beta 2 - Mine cryptocurrency to support

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John T. Haller
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Supportive Miner Portable 1.0 Beta 2 - Mine cryptocurrency to support

Application: Supportive Miner Portable
Category: Utilities
Description: Supportive Miner Portable allows you to use your AMD or Nvidia graphics card with 3GB or more RAM to mine Ethereum to support the project. The bundled ethminer client will be directed to mine as part of's nanopool account on your machine. There's nothing to configure or setup, just click Start. When you're done, just click Stop and Close.

Warning: Mining cryptocurrency can put a great deal of stress on your graphics card and cooling system. Please be sure you're not overclocking your card and monitor your systems thermals. can not be responsible for any issues encountered while using this app.

Download Supportive Miner Portable 1.0 Beta 2 [2MB download / 10MB installed]
(MD5: 2219d303cfd3c8775fddb4fef1f80e28)

Release Notes

Beta 1 (2017-11-29): Initial public release
Beta 2 (2017-11-29): Fixed issue with Mh/s display

Donate Cryptocurrency to! - Don't forget that you can donate to using bitcoin, ethererum, litecoin, and dogecoin right from the Donation page.

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Interesting idea. Here's a

Interesting idea. Here's a question for you. Some of us still mine CPU (at least I do). Do you have any other wallets? Like perhaps a Monero or ZCash? It probably wouldn't be worth it to have an account to mine to (as the amounts would be too low), but we could donate directly to it. I would be willing to donate some hashes.

Bill G.
Frozen St. Paul, MN
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