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Is there a way to protect acess to Mozilla Thunderbird with a password?

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Is there a way to protect acess to Mozilla Thunderbird with a password?

Hi, I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition, and I was wondering if there was an option to block the software with a password so that the content of my e-mail messages does not appear without the correct password. I searched if this option exists in Mozilla Thunderbird, but dindn't find it. Does anyone know a way to protect the software with a password? I prefer open source options or free ones. Thank you.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I use it

Options>Security>Passwords check use master password box and then create your password in the following dialogue boxes.

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Secures configs

I'm pretty sure this secures your configuration (email server details, passwords, etc) but may not secure your actual mail store. To secure your mail store, you can place Thunderbird Portable in an encrypted drive either software like VeraCrypt or hardware like the Carbide.

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