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Wrong text on buttons - Foxit Reader (Win10, 32bit, Dutch - NL)

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Wrong text on buttons - Foxit Reader (Win10, 32bit, Dutch - NL)

I have a problem with Foxit Reader Portable. It looks like if all the names of all the buttons are replaced with wrong names. It does not happen if I start the 'normal' version of Foxit Reader and it still occurs if I copy the 'lang'-folder from the 'normal' version to the portable version.

Does anybody has the same problem and/or has a sollution?

For a screenshot with the correct versus the incorrect version, see:

John T. Haller
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Lang Broken

Foxit's language handling is very broken. Nothing other than English worked when the current version was released, so our package has older language files updated to the current version. This is as good as it gets in the portable version at present.

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