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Bitcoin Core - Wallet Portable 0.15.1

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Bitcoin Core - Wallet Portable 0.15.1

Application: Bitcoin Core
Category: Internet
Description: Bitcoin is a free open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties.

Download Bitcoin Core - Wallet Portable 0.15.1 [26.9MB download / 116MB installed / 156GB installed with full block chain]
(MD5: 308993a9850729fa877600d6e2fbd941)
(SHA-256: 181647ad2eea4f21d0576ecf05d76ac2442f678f6c526991cca06284bd32e6ab)

Bitcoin Core initial synchronization will take time and download a lot of data. You should make sure that you have enough bandwidth and storage for the full block chain size (over 145GB). If you have a good Internet connection, you can help strengthen the network by keeping your PC running with Bitcoin Core and port 8333 open.

Release Notes:
0.15.1 Development Test 2 (2017-12-05): Beta testing on
0.15.1 Development Test 2 (2017-11-13): update base app and added 32-bit version (64-bit) Development Test 1 (2017-09-20): update base app
0.15.0 (64-bit) Development Test 1 (2017-09-16): Initial release