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VB6 EXE files

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VB6 EXE files

Hi, guys. Noob here. I really have searched the forum and SUpport for my answer but I can't find it, although I'm sure it must be right in front of me.
I also have a killer headache so, if it's okay I'd like to just ask the question. No offense intended.

I am an old school VBA/VB6 coder and need to make an MS Access app portable. Since I can't do that directly, I thought maybe I would convert it to VB6 with this:

So, assuming I have a clean VB6 ,exe how portable can it be? Completely or with a few strings still attached to the host device?

I'm sure you probably have a white paper or something that lays out the process to make a VB6 exe portable. WOuld you be so kind as to point me to that?

Thank you, really. I know how tiring it can be dealing with the same old newbie questions. I appreciate your time and advice.