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Having trouble with some things claiming they're already running

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Having trouble with some things claiming they're already running

So I can take some video.. screenshots & whatever but I'm thinkin' about where to start so I'll just dive into it Biggrin

So throughout restarts & what not I go to run my PortableApps launcher & when I run it.. it opens but it also says PortableApps Launcher is already running..

So I click Okay & there it will be sitting down on my taskbar running & what not.. kinda weird but okay great it runs Smile

That's the minor inconvenience I'd like to put an end to..

The larger issue is I'll attempt to run some of my applications & will be told: Another instance of xxx is starting Please wait for it to start before launching it again.

And those applications are not running & do not start.. the only way to get them to start is to run the app as Admin.. then it starts up no errors no messages all is well.

It doesn't happen to every app either like Google Chrome fires right up no arguments..

Notepad++ on the other hand for 1 example.. does that every time.. have to run as admin to use it..

I am using a Samsung 128 GB Flash Drive.

Last seen: 5 years 11 months ago
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Hey so.. I've noticed

Hey so.. I've noticed sometimes this happens.. sometimes it doesn't when attempting to load any PortableApp

Is there something specific causing it ?

Strangest thing is it doesn't happen all the time..

Gord Caswell
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Not ours

That particular application is not provided by us.
As such, we're not able to provide support for it, specifically.

With that said, in general, that will only come up if the application was not closed correctly - such as if the drive was pulled from the computer or if the computer was shut down without closing the application.

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To confirm it happens to all my applications when it occurs including those I have never opened until I try them just now for the sake of testing..

Is there an app on the platform I could open that is provided by you ?

Whenever I restart the machine I even go through & close all my portable apps & use the exit option on the UI to close..

Are there even further graceful ways I could get it all to sort of restart & recheck that nothing is running as it claims it is..

I have restarted the machine.. that doesn't change anything..

Would ejecting.. removing the usb & reinserting sort of.. force the platform to consider nothing running when it loads again ?

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Another idea

That specific error occurs, when the app already is in memory while being started. Normally that would only happen, when you launched it once and try to launch another instance of it - which the PA.c-launcher (the program that handles the portabilization) cannot handle.
I don't know your specific workflow, but I encounter this error, when I inadvertently double click an app in the PA.c-menu to launch it. This way I start it two times an produce this error (from the second launched instance). But that does not prevent the first instance to from running...
I assume, you don't use double click, but maybe your mouse (if you use one) has a defective button, that could produce double clicks. Ok, that's not the most probable explanation, but I can only guess. Maybe you could provide some more information like: OS, private computer or locked down corporate machine, restrictive security solution, antivirus etc...

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What filesystem is your flash drive formatted to?

If it's formatted to NTFS, then it's probably an issue with permissions.

Edit: Personally, for chip-based storage devices, I never use NTFS, I use either FAT32 or exFAT. For Portable HDD's on the other hand, I usually always use NTFS, and set the security on the drive to Everyone: Full Control (removing all other permissions once that is applied).

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I seem to recall that a while ago some systems had major issues at the Windows level with mutexes. It's possible this could be one of those systems. PAL (used by Notepad++ et al) uses mutexes. Google Chrome Portable and Firefox Portable custom launchers don't.

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