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Add SmartGit to Portable Apps Launcher

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Add SmartGit to Portable Apps Launcher

Is there any way to add a Portable App to the lancher that is not distributed for I know that on some apps simply copying its folder into the PortableApps folder is enough to make the launcher pick up on it, but that does not seem to be working on some apps. Specifically I am trying to add the portable version of SmartGit to the lancher, however I do not think it registers SmartGit because its executable is in a 'bin' subfolder of the apps folder. Moving the .exe up a level out of the 'bin' folder breaks the app, I have also tried just making a shortcut file of the executable but the launcher will not pick up on that either. Is there anyway to manually direct the launcher to the application?

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Any news on SmartGit?

Any news on SmartGit?

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Not permitted by Publisher

Redistribution of SmartGit is specifically disallowed by the publisher in sections 3.7 and 3.8 of the EULA:

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