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reassign shortcuts for PortableApps access

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reassign shortcuts for PortableApps access

I think I am in the right subforum, however this problem is quite complicated.

Before I realised what the PortableApps platform is I thought it was just a website where you can find free portable software.

Im going to reinstall Windows on several computers. I prepare myself to allready download all free applications I want to install on the computer. I thought "Many software is portable, which means less Windows registry adjustments, which also keep Windows fast, stable and last but definitely not least free from many hidden adjustments and hidden files.

My plan is to create two folders for all the portable software: "C:/Program Files Portable (x86)" and "C:/Program Files Portable (x64)". As you will allready guess the second folder contains software which runs on Windows 64bit only. In case I can help someone with an older Windows 32 bit I am creating a collection with 32bit software only. I mean: I myself can use for example the 64bit version of Irfanview, so I don't need the 32bit version, however I will download and collect the 32bit version for the alternative 32bit package.

Here is a list containing all 32bit apps I have collected so far. It is a lot! (Thankfully I am almost finished... Wink I have only to make some adjustments yet.) However I spent the most time and effort in creating shortcuts which will appear in the Windows Startmenu. When you place the shortcuts in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" they will appear in the Windows Startmenu. I didn't only make shortcuts to the exe-files but also to readme- and help-files and to the homepage and online tutorials.

Because problems with icons will appear regularly I have extracted the icons with the software BeCyIcongrabber and saved that separately as an icon-file. The right icons will keep appearing when creating desktop.ini files.

To keep the Windows Startmenu organised I use the free version of With it you can easily set everything in categories. When done tiding it up you can export everything in a separate file and import it again when the Startmenu is a mess again thanks to updated software etc.


The problem is as follows. I didn't store the software in "PortableApp". It's a piece of cake to change that with copy & paste. But then the shortcuts will not work again. Is there an easy (or easier) way to link the shortcuts to "C:/PortableApps" instead of "C:/Program Files Portable (x86)?

I guess the software "ShortcutsSearch And Replace" can do the trick, however it ain't clear to me what it actually does and how you must use it.

Maybe you suggest I don't need to change the way I did. However I understood all apps supported by PortableApps and installed in the same way automatically gets updated or it's easy to update it manually?

I hope you can help me finding a solution. Thanks!!!!!!

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C:\Program Files

Many apps can't run from the actual Windows Program Files directory, so our launcher and installer exclude them. Unfortunately, some versions exclude anything that begins with C:\Program Files by accident. As such, you should run from C:\PortableApps. That also means our installers can all find it automatically.

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