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Support for


The advantage of this editor is "Focus Mode & TypeWriter Mode. Focus mode help you to focus only on current line, by blurring the others. Typewriter mode will always ensure current active line is in the middle of the window." Smile

Unfortunately without administrator rights can not be installed Sad

The software has the source code

It seems to me that a lot of fans IA Writer for Mac and persons with concentration disorders
do not have administrative rights may have to be interested.


Ken Herbert
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Probably not going to happen sorry

For starters, Typora is actually freeware, it is not open source. Their github page only contains source code for themes, localisations, web pages, and some dependencies - it does not contain the source code for the app itself.

Also Typora is only freeware while it is in beta. As soon as they release the first stable version they are planning to charge for it.

If that wasn't the case I would have probably added it as a beta test already since I have been using it for over a year myself and love it as a markdown editor.

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