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Duplicated "App" and "Other" folder FriefoxPortable's folder

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Duplicated "App" and "Other" folder FriefoxPortable's folder

Hello, i've found that in my FirefoxPortable's folder there are duplicated "App" folder and "Other" folder, and these duplicated ones often are named after my email (i.e: App(, Other( ).. can anyone please tell me why is that and if i can get rid of one of the duplicates? This happens in many posrtableApps folders as well, such as skype or filezilla. I have my portable apps on box cloud so that i can access them from several PCs. thanks for any help

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Box itself

We have nothing in our code at all that could cause this. I'd wager Box does this when it can't properly sync, like if a file changed in two places or similar:

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