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Chrome portable - settings aren't kept

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Chrome portable - settings aren't kept

Hey everyone, greetings.

I have installed on my local Hard Drive, I run every App from there (I did in order to have automatic updates to new software versions, and by the way I don't use other PCs, neither at any Internet Cafe).

I noticed some Cookies aren't kept in Chrome, while some others are (in eg, I can login here automatically, but not on YouTube).
On the other hand, I have my Chrome user always in as I open Chrome.

What can I do? I wouldn't switch to Firefox if I can.

Thanks in advance if you help.

John T. Haller
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Chrome Logged In?

I think you're saying you have Chrome itself logged into your Google account, correct? If so, it should allow you to save your Google login as you move PCs unless something changed in a recent version.

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