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Portableapps menu looks garbled on my computer

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Portableapps menu looks garbled on my computer

I know why, it's because I turned the DPI setting
in windows to 150% (144pdi).
I have to do this, because it's a Dell notebook
with 1920x1600 pixels. Without the higher DPI, i
cannot read anything.
A lot of programs have problems with this setting,
as some elements (fonts, graphics, widgets) automaticly
become bigger, but the program does not enlarge it's
This should not be difficult to solve.
Would one of the developers be so kind and have a
look at this problem?

-- Karl

John T. Haller
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Already Is a Fix

There's a fix for this mentioned right on the Suite page.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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