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Problems with 58 on a network drive.

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Problems with 58 on a network drive.

Hi All,

As I hotdesk a lot I've been running firefox portable from a network drive for years.
Since upgrading to version 58 I've been having problems I've not had previously.
Here's the problem behaviour:

  • It takes about 20 seconds to start up
  • Every time it starts I get an error with Restore Session. Firefox offers to restore my previous pages and tabs but doesn't do it automatically.
  • Even though I've signed into sync on the previous session, I'm no longer signed in on restart.
  • Most of the addons I have installed popup a tab thanking me for installing them - as if it's thier first run. (ublock edge doesn't).
  • It takes around a further 10 seconds for these to appear after firefox has started.
  • The window state is forgotten between runs. So if the bookmarks toolbar is set to be visible on one run, it disappears on the next.
  • When I exit, any running firefox processes take around 10 to 20s to stop executing.

It's like it's having problems reading and writing to a directory (profile?).
As I say, I don't have these problems with 57.0.4. I also don't get these problems running version 58 on a local PC/USB drive, only a network drive.

Any ideas greatfully recieved. Thanks.